Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 48 - Weight Loss Program with a twist

Day 48 – Well, I have lost 12 pounds thus far. OK, not making quite as much progress as I was hoping – but have been busy, although I have been faithfully doing all my exercises every day (think I missed one day since the last time I posted). 
Since my last Blog, I had a wonderful birthday.  Had an appointment in morning with my cardiologist who gave me the good news that all my tests had showed nothing structurally wrong with my heart. Had a pleasant day with family and friends. Went to supper and had scallops (not very good) and a pretty good Caesar Salad. I filled up pretty quickly. Almost ordered a 7-Up but opted for a tall glass of water instead.
Last Friday, I was supposed to go Line Dancing, but before, pain struck and I knew I was passing a kidney stone.  I had passed one about 6 months ago and so this time, I knew what was happening. It was not as bad as in the summer. Pain was as bad, but at least I did not bother rushing to the hospital. Plus the fact that there was next to no blood (where I am on warfarin), I just waited it out. I would have gone to the hospital if I had thought it would have done any good. But why go when all they can do is watch me writhe in pain and say ‘ouch’ once in a while. It passed. (the pain and the stone).
So that was the day I decided to skip my exercise routine. Hey, one has to be nice to oneself once in a while :o) 
So still losing weight. Not as much as I would want to. But am averaging close to 2 pounds a week. Not too bad. I still have about 30 pounds I would love to lose, and I know I can do it. Just a matter of doing exercises every day (or most every day).
The strange thing I notice is that my shoes are starting to feel too big. I am losing fat around my ankles – and also am noticing that my wrists are thinner. Why oh why does weight come off wrists and ankles instead of neck and stomach? Oh well, I figure it will eventually.
Not really getting much support from family yet. But then they do not see the scales every morning – and not sure if they see any signs of my weight loss thus far. I just know I have not seen ‘that number on this morning’s scales’ for a long time (a year?). 
Food intake has diminished slightly. Not as big a portion before I am full. I saw somewhere ‘top 5 foods to avoid’ and bananas was there. However, I need to eat a banana a day to ensure my potassium stays within the normal range. With the meds I am on for my heart, one of the side effects of one of them is loss of potassium. But with a banana each day, I am able to bring it up to where it should be. I had tried (about 2 months ago) to just eat a banana every 2nd day and my potassium level fell considerably,  so back to eating one of the ‘top 5 foods to avoid’.  Oh well.
I find that I feel better (another plus to shedding a few pounds). Mentally and physically. I also have more energy and I sleep better. Another plus.  I eat snacks (but healthy snacks like carrots – and I have one  tablespoon of dip … only 25 calories in the did).   I am so thankful that I was never a junk food junkie (well except for anything with peanut butter in it). I don’t go to the corner store – well I have, but I  avoid the aisle with  that peanut butter fudge.
Entered a writing contest yesterday. Yah. It is a non-fiction short story. I think it is a great story actually. True story too.   Funny. I realize that perhaps my calling is in writing comedy. Maybe. I know I have written so many stories that are such sad stories that even I am getting sick of them. So I have decided to put a slight twist to my stories and make them more humorous. I think one can turn anything into a slightly funny or witty story. 
Today will be a busy day so I need to get on that exercise bike soon. Probably will try to update here every week (every 2 days is a bit unrealistic).  See you later…….

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