Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 39 of Weight Loss program

Well, I wrote a blog last night. Thank goodness I decided to write it in a word doc. I was not having a very good day yesterday and it was a negative post. It was along the line of eating to fill the emptiness inside. Enough said.

So last night, I burned off an extra 210 calories on the exercise bike instead of posting that blog. Made me feel slightly better and went to bed early to avoid any more negative emotions.  This morning, I wrote a short story (which by the way could easily become a book), then I did my exercise routine. Breakfast consisted of cereal (Special K ... not that I am advertising that) and skim milk. Lunch was my daily banana. It is now 2:20 p.m. and at 3 p.m. I will eat my regular (yummy) vegetable crackers. Have drank about 4 glasses of water so far today.   I did weigh myself this morning and I think??? I may have lost another 1/2 pound. Hey, half a pound every  2nd day sounds good to me.  My stomach crunches have jumped to 65 reps. Total time exercising is 50-55 minutes (with bike, rowing machine, crunches and arm strengtening).

I had also given up drinking my regular 7-Up and replaced it with water. Do not miss it actually.  I used to drink Pepsi and when I stopped that (about 3 years ago), it was really rough. Think it had to do with caffeine withdrawal. But giving up 7-Up  is easy.  Even at a restaurant, I just get the water. I used to indulge in 7-Up but really, why bother? It is just empty calories.

I love the fact that I do not have to restrict my food intake (as a matter of fact I eat more often) - it is just that the portion sizes automatically reduce themselves as I am full a lot sooner now.  And I tend to look at the fat content and calories on stuff I eat (e.g. last night son was out with friends, so I just opened myself a can of soup - picked one that was low in calories). I mean, shoot, if I am going to work on that bike of mine, I look at the calories and think to myself:  Is this worth 36 minutes + of exercising. Nope. So I resist high calory/fat foods automatically.

Will blog again in 2 days (that would be next Wednesday for all you people who check this Blog on a daily better...).

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