Monday, 26 September 2011

It's Been a While

As my Title above says -- it's been a while. 

I have not been writing much these past few weeks - month even.  I don't know why.  I feel like I am at a crossroad and am waiting to either get hit by a car or to have the cars stop and I will cross the street safely to the other side. 

My blood work - for one thing - is fine now.  It was up  (in the 3.5 range), then I lowered my dosage of warfarin and it lowered slightly (2.85) then again (2.39).  And I hope it remains there and does not decrease any further - but stays where it is - more or less.  I don't want to have to go on my higher dosage of warfarin.

I had a cystoscopy done since I last wrote.   All looked good  (said the doctor).  I had a CT Scan of the kidneys, stomach and pelvic area last Wednesday and I go for results this coming Monday - I totally expect things will be fine.  I had had a CT Scan of just the kidneys a couple of years earlier and the Scan took a lot longer - a lot more pics - they had to get the radiologist see it, then took more pics.  This time, I was in and out within 10-15 minutes - nothing to alarm me - surprised it did not take as long as the first one - which tells me that all went well - that there were no abnormalities (the last CT scan of kidneys showed 99% blockage of main artery to left kidney) - so - hence why they took extra pics.  So am not nervous - this CT Scan will be fine.

As for the results of my pulmonary test - well I had gotten a hard copy of the results (altho have not talked to my cardiologist about it) - but at least I have gotten the results.

As for the results of my Cardiac MRI - still no results. No news is good news they say eh?  Yeah, but today makes it 6  weeks since I had the MRI - would kind of like to get the results.  They must take a while.  And it was summer and vacation time, right? 

Went golfing a few times.  One time, went in A-fib so we had to leave after 15 hole.  Kind of scary - but it was very hot and humid  so put it down to that.  It is a bugger having A-fib - one feels like one's heart is gonna stop - not a good  feeling.  I knew enough to sit in front of the air conditioner - heart eventually went back to 'normal' after 3-4 hours. 

Line dancing has started again on Fridays.  And hubby and I have started taking ballroom dance lessons again.  I thought I would enjoy the ballroom dance lessons - but I don't.  Hubby is different from before.  Or maybe I am?  Not sure.  Just does not feel the same at all.  Oh well.

My writing has also suffered.  Not sure why.  I have lost interest in doing that.  I just don't think I am a good writer - I feel like I am 'faking' it.  Again I am not sure why.  I sometimes just want to crawl in bed, stay there and sleep away.........  But that is not possible..

Son has his job intervview this afternoon at 1 p.m.  Maybe that will pick up my feelings.  He was supposed to go to PEI for a chess tournament last Saturday.  When he got up, he just said 'I don't want to go' and went back to bed.  But I am just going to think positive thoughts........ if he is meant to have to have the job, he will  - I will be pleased when he goes for the interview, no matter the outcome.  He has to try..

Till next time......